1. The video of my talk at #140cuse went up today! Feel free to check it out - I don’t think I nailed the talk, but it was my best go yet. Still need to work on actually sounding interested, I think. I get nervous in front of people like this, and while I know the content of my talk, I start to overthink the details and let anxiety get to me. I think practice will help with that, for sure.

    Also, definitely check out the other 140challengers! As I mentioned in my last post, Isaac Budmen took the challenge prize - a speaking spot at 140NYC this June - but Jeff Pulver graciously offered to bring the rest of the challengers to NYC as well, and we may have small speaking spots as well. Without further ado:

    Isaac Budmen - Building Software For Social

    Sam Morrison - Backflip.me

    Unfortunately, Alyssa Henry was too busy rocking the backstage speaker interviews to give her talk at the event, so we don’t have a video to represent her talk. Rest assured, it was just as awesome as the rest of the talks!

    Finally, be sure to check out all the speaker videos up on the iSchool’s YouTube channel. It was an amazing conference, and I can’t think of a single talk that wasn’t insightful and worth attending/watching.