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    I can’t deny Jason’s work didn’t influence me when I was formulating how Counter Talk would work. I don’t exactly show up and brew for companies, but the idea of sharing for the sake of sharing really resonates with me. Jason asks for nothing in return for his brews, he simply wants to introduce a broader perspective of coffee to more people. What a fantastic dude! Currently wondering if there’s a way I can do the same sort of thing in Boston this summer….


    So, after this morning’s events (some knucklehead breaking into my rental car and stealing my two Coffee Ambush bags with my Baratza Vario-W, Clevers, scales, etc.), I’ve been thinking about just what they’ve become and where I’d like them to head. My first Coffee Ambush was for my friends at…

  2. We have to help folks understand why a one pound bag of coffee costs $18, and is still worth so much more. And at no point will pretention or snobbery play a positive role in this. At no point does this help the cause of specialty coffee…Specialty coffee relies on us to present this really special product with care and passion, and without a shred of pretention.

    — Jason Dominy, of Batdorf & Bronson, addressing the issue (and common complaint) of snobbery in specialty coffee. He’s absolutely spot on: nobody will bother to listen to you if you shove something down their throat and belittle them. It’s all about passion and respect.

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